BW JOBS 4 GRADUATES, is a non profit organization that was formed on the 8th of February 2012 with a mandate of helping unemployed graduates in looking for employment across the country in all sectors of the economy. It started as just a group in a social media called Facebook; the Facebook group has since grown and currently has more than 36 000 active members and continues to grow on a daily basis. BW JOBS 4 GRADUATES also has a Facebook page which goes by the same name, it also has more than 47 000 likes.

To help graduates in finding employment anywhere around the country by means of sharing job opportunities and sharing skills in CV writing, cover letter writing, preparing for interviews including other job hunting requirements.

To also help graduates in sustaining that job once they are employed.

To maintain honesty and openness.

We believe we will be successful if our clients are successful.

We believe in Professionalism, integrity and service excellence.

BW JOBS 4 GRADUATES help graduates by giving a platform for graduates to share employment opportunities that are available around the country. The team of BW JOBS 4 GRADUATES from time to time makes researches about latest CV writing techniques, Letter writing techniques, how to prepare for interviews, and other job hunting tips. A lot of graduates has benefited from these and at least 216 graduates have benefited from this initiative because they have found employment (permanent and temporary) through BW JOBS 4 GRADUATES.

BW JOBS 4 GRADUATES is a growing organization which has aligned itself with the Vision 2016 pillars. BW JOBS 4 GRADUATES would like to be in the forefront in helping the graduates find employment by means of holding workshops which might help with tips of job hinting. Also to be able to organize national career fairs which would help graduates in finding employers as we want to make career fairs that graduates would meet prospective employers. We would also like to hold career guidance workshops for senior schools students to guide them on what career paths to choose looking at how saturated the current market is. We would also like to work with organizations that fund formation of companies so that graduates do not focus only on finding employment but also on creation of employment.

The Management Team


  • BW Jobs 4 Graduates is an organisation formed by young inspired, motivated and determined Batswana graduates who want to make a positive contribution in other graduates life! 
  • Today, and more than ever, most people are responsible for building their own careers. Check out our important career planning tips today!
  • Employees know that they need to go beyond just working hard and hoping someone recognizes them for new opportunities or promotions. It is critical that individuals, young and old, learn to market themselves